Why You Should Hire AWS Certified Welders

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Combining the Craft and Technology of Welding

Welding is more than just a job; it is an artistic skill. Even with the most sophisticated technology, welders must have a level of craftsmanship that allows them to develop high-quality parts and components. Unfortunately, the industry has taught many consumers and even prospective welders that the job has nothing to do with craft, and that it is all about the technology. This gives way to the thought that anyone can be taught to use a micrometer or calculate bend deductions, but in reality, it takes a desire to learn and desire to create something with what you learn.

Assessing the Craft of Welding
For companies like Freehold Welding Inc. that offer fabricated, custom parts, it is all about the craft. We know the value of employing some of the most talented welders in the state because:

  • The right welder knows which tools will get the job done right. After all, what is the point of using a deburring machine when a hand file does just as well? On the other end of the spectrum, a talented welder will know when to use a machine for maximum precision and when to set aside technology for art.
  • Learning how to properly manipulate metals goes well beyond the right tools. It requires experience, knowledge and a natural artistic ability.
  • Only those that look at welding as an art can truly create ornamental products.

At Freehold Welding Inc., our welders are AWS Certified and all true craftsmen. We pride ourselves on being able to provide our clients with not only the specifications of the job, but the level of creativity that makes their job truly extraordinary. Call us to request a quote for your next project at 732-577-1516 or contact us online with your questions.

What is an AWS Certification?

The AWS or American Welding Society, is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1919. Their mission is simple: to advance the science and technology associated with welding and cutting processes. There are a variety of certifications available to welders but in order to get one, welders must execute multiple weld types successfully at a testing facility. The welder must also pass inspection by a certified welding inspector.

If you are looking for AWS Certified Welders in New Jersey, get in touch with Freehold Welding Inc. today. Give us a call at 732-577-1516 or fill out a form online for a free estimate.

Structural Steel Fabrication & Professional Installation Services

Freehold Welding Inc. offers a full range of commercial and residential structural steel fabrication services. Our expert project managers will work closely with you to ensure that your structural steel fabrication needs are met throughout your project.
When building a new structure it’s crucial that your framework and supports are constructed from the best steel. Our professional fabrication and welding teams will not only take care of the structural steel fabrication also over see the job with our on-site welding and installation services.
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Structural Steel Fabrication – From Concept To Completion

At Freehold Welding Inc., we offer a range of commercial and residential structural steel fabrication services designed to give you total reassurance that your construction steel is as strong as it can be. You can rest assured that it will support your new property for many years to come.→ Continue Reading

Welding Repairs for Your Restaurant or Catering Business

Commercial kitchen appliances take a lot of wear and tear over the years. The professional welders at Freehold Welding Inc. offer a range of welding services especially designed to keep your cooking, preparation and serving equipment working perfectly.

A few of the restaurant components that we have worked on include but are not limited to:

  • Oven hoods
  • Stoves
  • Salad bars
  • Preparation surfaces
  • Ovens
  • Sinks

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Selecting A Fabrication Company

So you are in need of a metal fabrication company but don't know where to start!  It is important to pre qualify the fabrication company and be sure you feel comfortable working together as they will be your partner for the duration of the project. Here are a few tips on what you should consider when selecting a fabrication company for your next fabrication project.

  1. Experience - Like any other project you will want to be sure the fabrication company you select is experienced in the welding and fabrication trade.  It is important they understand relevant codes, industry standards, and have completed similar projects. Also if they are able to supply references and testimonials that would be a plus.
  2. Capabilities - The fabrication company that you select does not have to be large however they must have the capability to efficiently provide the service.  It is important that the company have the design capability, material familiarlity, a facility for delivery and to perform off-site work, and production capabilities.
  3. Quality & Consistency - What type of quality assurance measures does the fabrication company have in place?  How close does the foreman or supervisor work with the technicians on the job?
  4. Customer Service - It is important to understand all aspects of your project.  Be sure the welding and fabrication company explains the process, will provide time lines and intends to keep you in "the loop" throughout the entire project.
  5. Pricing - We all know prices may vary and it is not always best to select the cheapest vender.  Be sure to take into account your prospective fabricators, experience, material purchasing power, and reviews before making a final decision.

Freehold Welding Inc. has had the pleasure of working with a wide range of clients over the years.  Many times our clients return to us time and time again because they know they can trust us to work to schedule and the highest standards.  Speak to our friendly and helpful team now at  (732) 577 1516.  You can also use our contact form to get in touch. 

Using Steel to Support Your Structure

You have seen them—those unsightly columns in basements, garages and elsewhere in the home. They are designed to support the weight of your structure, but often eliminate the functionality of the space. In a garage, you may not be able to fully utilize your storage; and sometimes, those support structures limit whether you can park a vehicle inside or not. These do provide a critical function for the safety and stability of your structure, but there are other ways to provide support without unsightly beams.
If you are thinking about finishing your basement or you want to move a column in the way inside your garage, you can replace with a steel beam, also known as a flitch beam.
Removing Columns Takes Professional Expertise
Removing columns to replace with a steel beam is not a DIY job. These beams support the weight from above and depending on your home’s design, there may be several other point loads coming down onto those columns. The size and placement of support columns is strategic and they were created to hold specific floor loads and point loads from above. Therefore, to remove one you will need the help of professionals and it will be a process that includes important steps:

  1. An engineer will first assess your home and determine the load points, and then need to decide how far to span your flitch beam to support the load above.
  2. A temporary wall will be built to support the load so that the columns can be removed.
  3. A flitch beam will be created from solid steel based on the measurements provided by the engineer.
  4. The flitch beam will be installed and the temporary walls removed.

Freehold Welding can create a flitch beam using high-quality steel. If you are remodeling your home and need to remove support columns, our AWS Certified craftsmen can create the support steel beam you need to open up the space.
Call us today to request a quote for your next project at 732-577-1516 or contact us online with any questions.

Deciding on the Correct Welding Procedure for Your Job

Every job is unique and has specific requirements to meet local codes, personal preferences and strict deadlines. Choosing the right welding procedure will help ensure the quality and longevity of your build. If you are unsure about the type of welding that is best suited for your project, contact the experts at Freehold Welding for assistance and top quality work.
Types of Welding
Different types of welding are suited to different jobs, materials and environments. These are the welding procedures most commonly used:

  • Tig Welding – This type of welding is best if you are using stainless steel, nickel alloys, aluminum, magnesium, titanium, cobalt or copper alloys. The process can take longer and the metal should be clean to get a proper weld. For this reason, Tig welding is better suited to new and indoor projects.
  • Stick Welding or ‘Smaw’ – If you have an outdoor job that requires welding, stick is usually the best type of welding. Inclement weather won’t interrupt the weld and the metal does not have to be as clean for great results.
  • Short Circuit Mig Welding – This option is best for steel, stainless steel and aluminum. It is fast and can be completed for general fabrications. If speed is your top priority and your job suits it, Mig welding could be the right option for you.

Freehold Welding can assess your project requirements, recommend the appropriate type of welding and offer an estimate. We offer our clients detailed specifications, efficient service, and always work to stay compliant with local codes. Our team of welding professionals are AWS Certified with years of knowledge and experience. You can count on our expert welders to get the job done right and exceed your expectations for quality.
Call Freehold Welding today to request a quote for your project. Give us a call at 732-577-1516 or contact us online with your welding questions.

Things to Consider for Your Next Welding Project

Welding is a highly skilled job that combines training, technology and craftsmanship for the best results. If you need a welder on your next jobsite, there are a few important considerations you must keep in mind when budgeting and projecting costs. Unlike other skilled trades, the cost of welding varies based on a number of factors that regularly fluctuate. Whether you are a project manager, contractor, estimator, or administrator, taking these factors into account will help you get a better understanding of the cost of welding and also hire the best professionals for the job.
What to Consider for Your Welding Assignments
There are many variables that can impact the project duration and cost when welding is involved. Luckily, the industry experts at Freehold Welding are to here to provide professional results and also help guide clients through the estimating process. Let us provide you with a fair and inclusive quote for welding that takes into account:

  • Metal type
  • Market value
  • Size and weight
  • Welding hours
  • Delivery method
  • Installation method
  • Additional equipment required  for lifting or transporting materials

Freehold Welding can help you assess your project’s welding needs and offer a comprehensive estimate. Our team of welders are AWS Certified and all true craftsmen with years of knowledge and experience. We are proud to offer our clients detailed specifications, friendly and efficient service, and creative flair that ensures our results go beyond expectations.
Call us today for a quote for your next project at 732-577-1516 or contact us online with any questions.