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Freehold Welding Inc.

NJ Welding & Fabrication

Who We Are

Freehold Welding Inc. is comprised of a team of welding experts and technicians dedicated to serving communities throughout New Jersey.

Why Choose Us

Freehold Welding Inc. is family owned and operated and our company is ran on the principles of integrity, guaranteed quality and unmatched efficiency.

View Our Projects

Freehold Welding Inc.’s was started from a family of welders and originating from a farm operation dating back to the 1940’s.

Work For Us

Freehold Welding Inc. is always looking for highly motivated and skilled individuals who would like to be part of a well established and growing company.

Our Work


Freehold Welding

Railing Repairs & Installs

Freehold Welding

Welding Repairs

Freehold Welding

Heavy Equipment Repairs

Freehold Welding

Welding & Fabrication Services

Welding Repairs

The majority of our welding repairs take place in our workshop but when the situation calls for on-site repairs, our mobile welding team is ready to come to your rescue.

Structural Fit Ups

Whether you are planning to design and build your own property or you would like to find out more about constructing a backyard pavilion, our expert welding design team can help.

Heavy Equipment Repairs

Our expert welding technicians have years of experience repairing commercial excavation equipment. Let Freehold Welding Inc. help keep your project on track!

Custom Fabrications

Freehold Welding Inc. understands there is no room for error when it comes to structural steel fabrication. You can trust our expert technicians to produce your structural steel to the exact specifications of your project.

Railing Repairs & Installs

We have years of experience working with a wide range of railing designs and have carried out many railing installations and repairs in New Jersey for commercial and residential clients.

Utility Pipe Welding

Freehold Welding Inc. offers professional on site utility pipe repairs across New Jersey. Everyone from local plumbers to national water companies have put their trust in our welding repair services.