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Services Offered by Your Local New Jersey Welding Company

Freehold Welding Inc., a leading welding company in New Jersey serves the needs of residential and commercial customers in a timely and efficient manner. For more than two decades, our team of certified welders and technicians has delivered excellence in workmanship and customer service for every project we are involved in, regardless of size or cost. Our professional staff will carefully review your project requirements and provide an estimate for the repair costs before work commences. There are no nasty surprises later!

When selecting an NJ welding company, a number of factors should be considered:

  • the process that will be followed to complete the repair job
  • the quality and advanced capabilities of the welding equipment that will be used
  • the choice of materials and their suitability for the task at hand
  • the level of experience the welders bring to the job

At Freehold Welding Inc., we develop and follow a specific plan for each welding repair job and each project will go through a rigorous post-weld inspection.

Welding Services in New Jersey by Freehold Welding Inc.

Our team of experts provides clients with a wide array of services including:

  • Structural steel and aluminum fabrications—we have the capability and experience to take your project from concept to completion with top notch fabrication services. Bring us your design blueprint for custom machinery and equipment and our fabrication shop will deliver exactly what you need, on time, on budget.
  • On-site repairs—don’t worry about moving equipment around when it breaks down. Our team of certified welders will come to your location and get the job done quickly and efficiently. We make it a priority to help maintain uptime and minimize interruptions to your production cycle.
  • Custom structural fit ups—whether you need a custom retrofit or a structural adaptation of your standard machinery to meet your production requirements, rely on our team to take care of the fit ups and changes you need.
  • Heavy equipment repairs—your big investments in heavy machinery and equipment can cost you when you experience breakdowns and production downtime. Our team can get to your location quickly to diagnose the problem, perform efficient repairs and minimize the impact of lost production hours on your bottom line.
  • On-site utility pipe welding—from cold cutting and weld-prepping of new utility pipes to repair and replacement of damaged flanges, hubs and valves, Freehold Welding Inc. has all your on-site pipe welding needs covered.

Our  AWS Certified Welders and welding instructors continuously upgrade their knowledge of the latest welding technologies and enhance their skills with new, improved techniques. Implementing them in our practice allows our customers to minimize downtime, increase efficiency and enhance productivity.

Whether you need work done in your home, factory, warehouse or corporate office, you can count on Freehold Welding Inc. to serve you, and serve you well!

Get in touch with Freehold Welding Inc. for precise and high quality welding services in New Jersey. Call our expert team at (732) 577-1516 for a free estimate or fill out our online form.