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Fun Welding Facts – Yes, We Really Have Found Some!

The words “fun” and “welding” are not words you would usually see together, but the world of welding can actually be a whole lot of fun and quite surprising too! In our research for amusing welding anecdotes and crazy facts, we have certainly discovered interesting things we didn’t know about our trade. We thought you might like to read about them too.

Where would we be without welding?
More than 50% of the products produced in the United States require welding of some description. Here are just some of the products we have found that have welded or soldered components:

  • Ships
  • Computers
  • Farm equipment
  • Cell phones
  • Race cars
  • Medical devices
  • Bridges
  • Scooters
  • MP3 players

Celebrities are getting in on the welding action too! 

Jay Leno is the lucky owner of many antique motorcycles and cars and employs welders on a regular basis. He has even been known to take on the welding torch himself! His impressive collection includes everything from vehicles of the early 1900s era to today’s modern vehicles.

NASCAR – From fabrication to the finish line
If you are a fan of NASCAR, it might surprise you to know that over 950 man-hours are spent fabricating and welding each car before it hits the road. Each car consists of hundreds of hand-cut and welded parts, from the suspension system to the drive-train and chassis.

Stuck on you
Did you know that in space, if two metal components touch, they will become stuck together permanently? This is why NASA uses a special coating on many of the metal parts they send up into space. This doesn’t happen down here on Earth, because our atmosphere automatically puts an oxidized layer of material between each surface.

From Russia with love
Staying on the space theme, we owe a lot to the Russian cosmonauts when it comes to advances in welding in space. Thanks to their experiments and welding attempts while in orbit, we are now able to carry out essential space repairs, and build intergalactic projects such as the International Space Station.

Explosive results
You may not have heard of explosion welding, but it can have some really good results when it comes to welding any type of metals together, even those that are very different from each other in composition. This powerful welding process is often used in the chemical and petrochemical industries.

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