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The Advantages of Using Steel Beams Over Wood Beams

Whether you are building a structure yourself or commissioning professionals to do it for you, there will usually be a point when you need to consider beams and other structural supports. Many people automatically choose steel beams solely as load bearing parts, but actually, using steel can offer much more flexibility when it comes to customizing your design and getting the best material for your money.

Unlimited Supply and Environmentally Friendly Too

A huge benefit of steel is that it is available in unlimited supply, unlike wood which is a renewable resource. It is also recyclable, so if you are looking to do your bit for your planet, steel is a very environmentally friendly solution. Also, wood prices can fluctuate, whereas steel pricing usually remains fairly consistent. If you have a specific budget in mind or you are building an ecologically sound structure, we recommend steel as a very worthy choice.

The Most Durable Solution for Your Build Project

Steel is also extremely durable and is more likely to stay standing during a natural disaster, such as an earthquake, fire or hurricane. Unlike wood, steel is not susceptible to mold, rot or drying out, and will not warp or shrink during certain weather conditions. What’s more, steel walls, supports, beams and frames keep flat and straight during their lifetime.

Steel Fabrication in New Jersey – Steel Supports Tailored to Your Project

At Freehold Welding Inc., we offer a steel fabrication service that can be tailored to suit your exact needs. Whether you are looking for a specific design or you need standard beams, we can help. We can also supply a mobile welding team to help during the construction phase, and have been the welding partner of choice for many domestic and commercial customers.

Steel supports and beams can be prefabricated or pre-engineered. This means that most of the construction is done before the parts reach site, and this can save you a lot of time and money. You can also rest assured that your structural supports will be expertly welded into place by one of our professional and experienced welders in New Jersey.

Speak to Freehold Welding Inc. at (732) 577 1516 to find out more about our steel fabrication services in New Jersey.  You can also use our contact form to get in touch.

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