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Welding Gas Pipes

At Freehold Welding Inc., we are proud to offer a wide range of welding services to our commercial and residential customers. One of the commercial services we provide is the welding of gas pipes. Over the years, we have worked closely with some of the major gas companies to help them restore service across New Jersey and to ensure their pipes are transporting and holding gas safely. 

Why We Insist On A Strict Safety Code At All Times

Due to the volatile nature of gas, it is important that we follow a strict safety protocol. Welding sparks and gas are never a good mix! When welding on or around containers or pipes that contain flammable materials, we follow the safety practices as set out in the American Welding Society document F4:1: “Recommended Safe Practices for the Preparation for Welding and Cutting of Containers and Piping Which Had Held Hazardous Substances.” 

We do not start work until we are sure we can proceed safely with no risk to ourselves or the people or structures around us. We may also fill the container with an inert gas or liquid to further increase the level of safety. 

Why Choose Freehold Welding for Your Gas Pipe Welding Project

Whether you have an emergency gas pipe welding project or you are planning to lay or repair pipes in a new region, our experienced welders will do the job efficiently and safely. 

Here’s why you should choose us as your gas pipe welder: 

  • Excellent safety code and track record
  • Over 30 years of welding experience
  • Qualified welders with years of gas pipe welding experience
  • A fully mobile welding service – we bring our equipment and expertise to you
  • A fully equipped fabrication workshop in New Jersey
  • Emergency and routine welding repairs carried out across the region

We understand how to repair gas pipes quickly and with as little disruption as possible. That allows you to respond to the needs of your customers and focus on getting their supply connected and working once more. Our attention to detail and years of experience is why we are the number one choice for gas pipe welding in New Jersey today. 

Whether you are a gas company looking for an experienced gas pipe welding team or you need any type of commercial or industrial welding carried out, give Freehold Welding Inc. a call at (732) 577 1516. You can also use our contact form to find out more about our welding services in New Jersey.

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