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Welding Repairs Require Skill and Special Attention

Welding repairs often come into play when something needs to be repaired without being dissembled. Not only does the welder need to preserve the overall piece, but they may have rubber, leather or plastic components that equally must be preserved to maintain the integrity of the product.
Attention to Detail is a Must
For a welder or welding company to offer repairs, they must possess an astounding attention for detail. They must rely on their experience and common sense to skillfully repair and prevent damage to other delicate components. Just some things a talented welder must do to protect delicate components include:

  • Creating a heat barrier. Welding is extremely hot, and for plastic or leather components, heat can quickly damage the material. A talented welder will know how to create a buffer in the moment, whether it is from a wet rag or other component, to soak up the heat before it reaches the non-metal pieces.
  • Reducing stress. Plastic can easily be broken or cracked when too much stress is placed on it. During the repair process, a welder will need to find a way to still bend and manipulate the metal that they are repairing without accidentally cracking the plastic surface.
  • Controlled heat. As something is repaired next to a delicate component, a welder must also use as little heat as possible to get the job done right, which comes down to skill and precision.

At Freehold Welding, our AWS Certified team always performs repair projects with creativity in mind. We have a reputation for extreme attention to detail and take the necessary steps to preserve even the most delicate materials. Call us to request a quote for your next project at 732-577-1516 or contact us online with your questions.