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The Challenges of Welding Cast Iron

At Freehold Welding Inc. we work with a number of different materials and each has its own different characteristics and challenges. Cast iron welding can be a particularly challenging material to work with. 

When welding with cast iron, temperature is everything. Because it is made up of 2-4% of carbon, graphite flakes can start to form during welding and cracking is also common if temperature is not regulated. Castings should always be allowed to cool slowly to stop cracks from appearing or kept at a constant cool temperature so that the rate is irrelevant. 

A Few Facts about Cast Iron and Cast Iron Welding

There are a number of cast iron varieties, but the one we mostly work with is gray cast iron. Here are a few things you may not know about this versatile material. 

  • Cast iron typically contains 10 times as much carbon as most steels. This is what causes graphite flakes to form during the welding process. This graphite is what gives cast iron its unique appearance when it breaks or becomes fractured. 
  • When we make cast iron castings, we pour molten iron into the molds and allow it to cool down slowly. As mentioned before, temperature really is everything. If cast iron is cooled down too quickly it can start to crack. 
  • When a cast cools down at the right temperature, it shrinks equally in every direction. When cooling occurs too quickly, the cast iron contracts and this is what causes the material to crack.

Why Our Cast Iron Welding Repairs Are The Best

Given the brittle and volatile nature of cast iron, we carry out a lot of cast iron repairs in our workshop and on site. Whether we are sealing cracks or using the studding method to repair major breaks in larger castings, you can be sure that your repairs will be carried out to the very highest standard. 

When it comes to cast iron welding in New Jersey, Freehold Welding Inc. offers years of experience and expert workmanship. Cast iron welding is just one of the many welding services we have to offer and we can arrange workshop or mobile repairs according to your needs.

Speak to Freehold Welding Inc. now at (732) 577 1516 to find out more about cast iron welding and any other aspect of our service.  You can also use our contact form to get in touch.

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