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Why Choose an AWS Certified Welding Service?

When choosing a company to carry out professional welding services, it is important that you trust the expertise and workmanship they offer. Poor quality welding could be all that stands between you and equipment failure, chemical or fluid...

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The History of Welding and Why it’s Here to Stay

When you watch welders in action today, you would be forgiven for thinking they are using modern techniques. In some cases you would be right, but it might surprise you to know that welding dates back as far as the Bronze Ages. Back in those...

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The Challenges of Welding Cast Iron

At Freehold Welding Inc. we work with a number of different materials and each has its own different characteristics and challenges. Cast iron welding can be a particularly challenging material to work with.  When welding with cast...

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A Quick Guide to Welding Aluminum

Although our welders have years of experience welding many different materials, we never get complacent when it comes to aluminum and other challenging metals. Aluminum especially, has many characteristics that require special attention in...

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TIG Welding Tips for the Beginner

At Freehold Welding Inc. we know that the art of being an accomplished welder is only something that comes with practice, and then more practice!  Many people start welding and become disheartened because it wasn’t as easy as it first...

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