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Welding Safety: How We Ensure a Safe and Efficient Workshop at All Times

If you are a regular reader of our blog, you might remember the welding safety guide we published back in December last year. In that post, we spoke about the guidelines our welders follow on a daily basis to keep us and our visitors safe from harm. In this post, we want to go into more detail about how we are constantly improving our standards and how we maintain a safe work area here at Freehold Welding Inc. at all times.

The Manual is Our Best Friend
No matter how much experience or expertise our welders have built over the years, they never get complacent about the machinery they operate. Whenever we invest in new or improved equipment, we spend time studying the operating manual to ensure we maximize the potential of the machine and use it in the safest manner.

Breathing Freely while Welding 
Smoke and fumes that are emitted during the welding process pose a health hazard to the welder directly, and also to anybody in close proximity. That is why we ensure our workshop is fitted with the latest exhaust hoods and other extracting equipment. Our welders also have access to specialist equipment such as respirators. These may be required when welding in confined spaces or when welding specific materials.

Avoiding Repetitive Stress Injuries
We ensure that our teams are equipped with the right equipment at all times to ensure they do not suffer from repetitive stress injuries. For example, some fixed shade helmets can cause neck fatigue which in turn can result in painful joint and ligament damage.

Losing the Clutter
A safe and efficient workshop is one that is free from clutter and where everything has its place. Our welding area contains only the tools that are required by our welding operators; nothing more, nothing less. This ensures the welder can concentrate on the job at hand and have a clear and safe area in which to work.

Making Constant Improvements
Welding is dangerous, and can even be fatal. That is why we never get complacent about our safety program. Our welders understand how important it is to protect their own safety as well as those working around them. By carrying out constant reviews and making improvements to our safety guidelines, we continue to offer our customers the best service and keep our safety record intact.

If you would like to find out more about safety within our workshop, or even to arrange a workshop visit, we would be very happy to hear from you. Speak to the Freehold Welding Inc. team at (732) 577 1516 to find out more about our professional welding services.  You can

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