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Yes, We Can Help with Automobile Welding Repairs!

Many of our customers ask us whether we can help with automobile welding repairs, and the answer is “Yes, we can” ! In fact, we can assist with a wide range of welding repairs to most vehicles. One of the best things about our service is that our mobile welding team can come to you – perfect if your vehicle is currently stationary because of an issue that requires our attention.

Our welders are experienced in many different welding techniques and we can carry out automobile welding repairs to the steel components on any make or model of vehicle. Whether you have a classic car or a new model in need of some TLC, we can help.

Expert Automobile Welding In New Jersey – What We Can Work On

Many parts of an automobile are constructed using steel. This is because this metal is highly resistant to rust and will therefore last for many years. Our welders have experience in working with many steel components on a range of vehicles including cars, trucks, construction machinery and even dirt bikes.

We can work on areas of your vehicle, including:

  • floor pans
  • frame modification
  • roll cages
  • bumpers
  • brackets
  • and much more

Our team has years of experience in automobile welding and we would be happy to take a look over your vehicle. We strive to offer you the highest standards in welding repairs in New Jersey and also fabrication services that deliver value for money. In fact, our welding repairs are often a very affordable alternative to purchasing new parts. Why buy new when a simple weld will do the trick?

Freehold New Jersey Brings the Welding Shop to You
Whether you need motor mounts modified or you have a hobby car in need of floor pan welding, our competent and experienced welding team is on hand to help. We offer our welding services at our local workshop, or you may want to book an appointment with our mobile welding team for added convenience. We will bring our expertise to you and ensure your welding is carried out to the very highest standard.

Speak to Freehold Welding Inc. at (732) 577 1516 to find out more about our range of welding services and how we can repair your vehicle using our range of professional welding techniques.  You can also use our contact form to get in touch.

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