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Top 10 Dos and Don’ts of TIG Welding for Your DIY Projects

Even the seasoned welders at Freehold Welding Inc. had to start somewhere! And that’s why we are always happy to share our knowledge and expertise with those looking to handle their own DIY welding projects.  

We also appreciate the sense of achievement that completing a welding project well can bring. Take a look at some of our dos and don’ts for your next TIG welding project. These tips will help to ensure a clean and safe weld with a professional finish. 

  1. Do ensure your weld surface is as clean as possible. TIG welding on a dirty or impure work surface will result in a messy and uneven weld. 
  2. Do take the time to prepare your tungsten by grinding it to a fine point – much like a sharp pencil. 
  3. Do look after your TIG welder. Before you start to weld, think about the angles you will be welding at and whether you need to use water or air cooling. 
  4. Don’t be tempted to use too much torch gas when working with aluminum A/C.
  5. Do mix your argon with a little helium if you are going to be TIG welding aluminum and use a 50/50 mix when welding magnesium or thick alloy. 
  6. Don’t forget to do as sufficient research into tungsten sizes before you start welding. Always use the right tungsten for the job at hand. 
  7. Don’t weld in windy conditions if you can help it. The shielding gases will lose coverage and this will result in your weld becoming porous and full of pinholes. 
  8. Do think about investing in a foot pedal to control heat. 
  9. Don’t even think about welding without the right safety equipment. You will need a helmet, welding gloves, fire retardant clothing and also equipment to extract fumes where necessary. 
  10. Make the most of your TIG welder by working with a wide array of materials. 

Experiencing Issues Or Need Some Expert Advice On Welding In New Jersey?

When it comes to professional welding in New Jersey, Freehold Welding Inc. is a company with decades of experience and an extensive range of welding services on offer. If you find that you’ve bitten off more than you can chew with your welding project, we can carry out welding repairs on site or our mobile welding team can come to you. 

Speak to Freehold Welding Inc. now at (732) 577 1516 to find out more about our services and how we can assist you with your welding requirements.  You can also use our contact form to get in touch.

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